Sambar Custom Knives
Mastery of your art only comes with knowledge, this comes with time served................. It is called experience!

My name is Branko Giljevic I live in Clifton Creek, a rural setting in Victoria Australia, enjoying camping, fishing, and Sambar deer hunting.

I started making knives in the 1970's, over a quarter century ago. I am very confident with the world class knives that I produce today. And yes there is nothing that makes you a better knife maker than continious manufacturing over this many years, my satisfaction is seeing an ardent customer making the best decision, and saying to me: “This is best Quality of working knife that I have come across, you are a master!” ………….. Well you only become a “master” after doing something for twenty five plus years! And I guess that is the right statement and well deserved. My knives are backed with a full life time warranty and life time free sharpening service, all come with signed and dated collectors Authenticity Certificate. Only benefit of going older, doing something like this ‘knife manufacture’, is garnering experience and getting good at that what you do. There is not any another way to get here, there is no short cuts, can’t buy experience with money, or learn it off an internet forum typing or talking about it! This ONLY comes from invaluable lifelong knowledge, born through real world 'hands on' experience. My deer hunting hobby influences me to make better hunting knives, which are marked with the Sambar logo as a result.

My Upper range of knives encompass everything from practical working styles, Hunting, Skinning, Fishing, Chef, and Tactical knives , they are recognised as classics the world over, highest quality working knives, especially my range of folding knives, which are regarded as the best in the world. Today I mostly make classic lock back to comply with knives laws. These are made in large and small size folders in three different versions, Classic lock back ,Inter frame lock back, and Take Down version . This is unlike any other inferior folding knife, loaded with options Like: Hardened bush bearings, ability of disassemble for 100% service and exchange parts, truly unique in the world and the pinnacle of folding knives. I also offer embellishment and personalizing art work on knives in the forms utilizing schrimshaw and engraving bulleno.

I hope you enjoy my web page, take your time to look at the ‘top shelf’ engineering, showcasing over 30 years of premium bespoke manufacturing, turning the best hand selected materials into practical real world proven designs, a feature of all SAMBAR CUSTOM knives. Remember, only this combination of attributes separates the experienced from the plethora of novices.

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