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There is nothing more prestigious than a nice watch and to really stand out from the crowd some customization with quality engraving really says that with class.

Grand Seiko: This particular example we choose these as they are what a watch should be, accurate, reliable, and durable. Real world accuracy is about + 2 seconds a year and they say that they will keep on going dependably for over 50 years! FYI in the video link you will see a Spring Drive variant that has been worn every day for the last two years with zero adjustments made and its currently - 3 seconds in two and half years, amazing.

Engraved fully, band, clasp, bezel, body, check out the images below. Can cater to customers who want to do just the watch itself, get in touch for further details.

Material: Seiko Stainless Steel
Engraving: Leaf Scroll
Type: Grand Seiko

^ IN STOCK, please E-Mail for price ^

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