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"Hi Branko,

Thank you very much for my folding knife Branko, I received it today.

Going to make the perfect companion knife for my medium hunter. Can’t wait to skin something with it.

Absolutely beautiful. Awesome craftsmanship.


Neil "


Testimonial 1:

"As a developing deer hunter in Victoria, the quest for acquiring the best gear is an interesting pursuit. The task of field  butchering a large sambar deer is a huge chore especially for a lone stalker. I had persevered with cheap knives that required constant sharpening during butchering which made hard work harder.
On deciding to acquire a quality custom hunting knife, I contacted Branko Giljevic of "Sambarcustomknives". On meeting Branko at his beautiful gippsland home, I realised that this was more than just a customer transaction. I was treated to a tour of Branko's workshop, and given an insight into the effort afforded to each of his creations. It was an education in the process of handmade screw rivets, the metal and hardening process, sharpening and polishing, hand grip components and the amazing hand stitched leather sheath's. After this I was shown the full range of Branko's craft from hunting knives to chef's utensils, and the folding knives which are total art.
After this the hard part was to choose which knife. I picked a beautiful medium hunter with sambar antler hand grip and high polish. On holding the blade it felt full and solid in the hand. So far I have field dressed three adult deer with the blade and have been amazed how effortless the knife performs. The edge is extremely sharp and has not dulled thus far. I look forward to caping out my next trophy with this world class deer knife.
In my opinion my "sambarcustomknife" is an investment that will stay in the heirlooms for many generations."


Testimonial 2:

"I recently bought a beautiful hunter from Sambar Custom Knives. This is a handsome knife with wonderful feel and balance. The blade allows an exceptional edge that was as sharp as when I started after skinning two beasts! 

Refined, balanced, tough  and incredibly practical."


Testimonial 3:

"I've been collecting multiple of branko's knives over the past several years. The materials he sources are of the finest quality and with no expense spared, when you combine that with the time he invests and his level of skill, craftsmanship (which is unrivalled here in Australia and is undoubtably world class) and artistic flare which goes into each knife, they represent great value.

To me not only are branko's knives the ultimate aesthetically and functionally they're an investment and something to take pride in for a lifetime.

I've recently purchased the latest fighter which is out of this world an absolute work of art. Whether it's a kitchen chef or filleting knife to a hunting knife or folder or his classic sub hilt Bowie sambar custom knives is the master maker in not just my opinion but is a well known fact."


Testimonial 4:

"Received the knife, it intrigues me how life like you got the leopard. Wonderful work, it is such a pleasure to own so many of your magnificent knives.

Thanks again and best wishes to you and Maria for a Merry Xmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year."

Regards  Ian & Robyn


Hi Branko, Yes, I have received the knife. It’s a piece of perfection. The work that has gone into the knife is amazing - really appreciate it. It will be well looked after. Thanks mate


Testimonial 6 RE: Medium Hunter:

“I am very impressed with the quality of your knife. Great feel, weight, size and balance. The capacity of the knife to hold it’s edge without the need to touch up during work is outstanding”


Testimonial 7 RE: Round Handle Stag Hunter knife:

“Dear Branko, I wanted to mention I thought your craftsmanship is of excellent quality. It was beyond my expectation. The blade held up well and was easy to sharpen using a simple sharpener in the field. Not to mention its a damn nice looking piece. Best wishes”


Testimonial 8 RE: Large Hunter knife:

“Hello Branko, Received Large Hunter today (excellent quick delivery) and all I can say is "WOW" this is truly a beautiful knife. The craftsmanship is superb and it is really well balanced. The sheath is perfect for the knife. All round just sensational Certainly not my last purchase, as I mentioned I am saving for the next. ”


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